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Are you wanting a professional looking Twitter background but not sure where to find one? As Twitter continues to grow, it’s a good idea to stand out from the crowd so that people will remember you. That can be hard if you’re using the same generic Twitter background as hundreds of other Twitter users. If you haven’t already ventured out from the boring Twitter backgrounds, now may be a good time. So, here are 6 great sites to get your started. has the largest selection of free Twitter backgrounds and also provide custom backgrounds for $79. Their backgrounds are professional and unique. You can also create a your own personalized Twitter background with up to 4 of your own photos. Plus, new designs are constantly added on a regular basis.

Free Twitter backgrounds, personalized Twitter backgrounds and custom Twitter backgrounds. also provides free backgrounds as well as custom backgrounds for $49. They have a large selection of regular and high quality backgrounds. By entering your Twitter username and password you can make use of their auto install feature and even send an automated tweet announcing your new background.

Free and custom Twitter backgrounds. lets you customize our own Twitter background for free. This site is great for social media addicts with profiles all over the Net and want to showcase them on their background. You will need to create an account in order to create a background. If you don’t have a background image in mind, you can use one of their premade backgrounds.

Free custom Twitter backgrounds.

TwitterPatterns is a very simple site with free background “patterns” for Twitter. You simply click on the image you like and it will prompt you to save it on your computer. There are 8 different styles to choose from and you can also subscribe for updates if you choose to. There’s even a tutorial on creating your own Twitter pattern if you can’t find one there you like.

Free background patterns for Twitter. lets you customize your own free Twitter background. You first pick a theme, create a badge and then you can auto-update your profile with the new background. You will need to create a MyTweetSpace account to get started. If you prefer a custom background, you can get one for $59. You can also create “follow me” buttons to use on your other profiles across the Web.

Brand your Twitter profile for free. has a great variety of background form artistic to girly to sports. They also have an auto-install features and will also send an automated tweet announcing your new background if you choose to. You can also rate the backgrounds and even see how many views each one has gotten. If you don’t feel like looking through the numerous pages of backgrounds you can simply search by keyword.

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Which site do you prefer and what is your favorite Twitter background?

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