Attractive Blogger Widgets

Here is the top four widgets, that i see in many blogs and these widgets attracts your blog visitors very much, so that you can get much more page views.

Sexy Social Bookmarking widget for Blogger

It is the interesting blogger social bookmarking widget created by CssReflex.Like other social bookmarking widgets it consists of a different bookmarking icons of different sites.But it has got some features than older bookmarking widgets.It is sexy and in this widget the half part of images are hidden and when we hover the image the whole image is seen.this is the feature of this sexy bookmarking widget.Learn more

Blog Sexy Bookmarking Widget

Link within related posts widget with photo thumbnails

It is the greatest related posts widget for blogger.The installation of this widget is really very easy.After you install the widget in your blog three related post will be automatically shown below each posts with photo thumbnails.Install it in your blog

Blog Widgets

Top Authors Widget For Blogger

This widget is only for multiple author blogs.The top authors widget displays the list of top authors together with the number of posts each of them have made.This statistics is based on the latest 5000 posts on the blog.Learn more

Most Viewed Post Widget for Blogger

This widget shows the top 10 most viewed posts of your blog in the sidebar with the number of views made.learn more

Hope that widgets are much useful for bloggers. [Via]

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