Validate Your Paypal Account With Virtual Card

I get validated my account with this method. It’s like using a virtual card but free of charge. Everybody can do this. It’s valid for all country

1) Register in with true information. Must match your PayPal account information.

2) Validate your Neteller account. You must send scans of ID, and one utility bill with your name and full adress. Takes one week or less to get the validation if everything is ok.

3) Once you get activated, login into your Neteller account and click on “Net+ Virtual Card” link. There you will find an option to activate the virtual card. This is usually instant if you have did everything right. You can open the “Web Version” or download the “Desktop Version”. Both are the same. Once open you’ll see this nice virtual card:

There you have the number, expiration date and CVC. The play button generates a new card, and the trash can destroys the current card. You can use it whenever you want.
NOTE: you can get a real debit card too. You can use it on ATM’s. It’s free and comes in 20 days. But be careful… it has an “inactivity fee” of $3 x month

4) Well, this is the more difficult part… How to charge your Neteller account? You have some options:

> Bank Transfer (minimun to deposit: $30)
> EverestPoker Method (minimun to deposit: $10) [Moneybookers, Paysafecard, Click2Pay]
> Whit my help (this will cost you $7)

Let’s me explain the “EverestPoker” method. This will work only if you have money on Moneybookers, Paysafecard or Click2Pay. Only works with EverestPoker because is the only poker room wich allows to deposit with one method and withfraw with another.
All you have to do is register go to , download the room, register a real money account, and deposit $11. Then play some 10cent tables to conceal, but always let 10$ in your balance. Then request a cashout, select “Neteller” and withdraw thes $10 (is the minimun withdraw allowed). Wait 2 days, and you will get the money in your Neteller account.

However, if doesn’t want to join EverestPoker, or doesn’t have money on Monetbookers, Paysafecard or Click2Pay. I can help you sending you the $3 ($1.95 + $1) needed for Validation. You have to send me $9 to my PayPal account. Then i will send you $3 to your Neteller account. Why $9? Well… PayPal has fees, about $0.60+ for this transacition, Neteller has fees, $1 for peer to peer transfers. We have $1.60 + $3 = $4.60. The other $4.40 is what i charge you to do this transaction.
I charge you that money because i didn’t use my Neteller’s debit card for a long time, if i put money on my account, it will automatically discount me about $15 (inactivity fee for 6 months). So maybe with this i’ll be covered

5) Use the Virtual Card, get validated and PayPal will give back you $1.95

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