Marketing Your Online Business

Now is the time to market to your target market. Each Internet Business Model is different. Therefore, you don’t market each and every one of them the same way. The truth is, not all Internet Business Models depend on a good search engine listing. In fact, some of them are not designed to be listed by search engines at all! That is simply because each Internet Business Models have different objectives and set up. That also means they require different marketing strategies and tactics to make it work.

Not knowing the different Internet Marketing approaches that are available for different Internet Business Models can be expensive. It will result in spending more time, money and effort than is necessary for promoting your Internet Business.

Tracking sales and visitors to your website

The purpose of the last step is to determine your conversion rate of visitors into customers. This can be easily done if your web host provides a site statistic. A good conversion rate from a Killer Sales Letter is 1 – 3% (depending on the price of the product). In other words, for every 100 targeted prospects who visit your site, at least one of them will buy your product or pay access to your service. If the conversion rate is higher than 2%, then you are doing very, very well with your Internet Business!

On the other hand, if your sales letter’s conversion rate is less than 1%, then you will need to take quick action to make your site sell more effectively. You may have to do more compelling copy writing, change the layout of your web pages or simply get a better and more attention-grabbing headline (which is so vital that it can make or break a sale!). Whatever you need to do, you have to increase your conversion rate from poor to excellent!

To track visitors, you can subscribe to counter services if your web-hosting doesn’t have a site statistic feature built in. To track sales, check your Credit Card Payment Processor.