Earn 10$ Easily

his amount of money doesn’t seem like much to me these days but I do remember back when I was just making a few bucks per day online, and at the time, it was nice.

I don’t own or do I have any vested interest in this site.


This is a site where you can pay peeps to do stuff for you (join forums, fill out surveys, ect)

A lot of people on there can be paid $.10 for an e-mail submit. So if you have an offer that pays $.90. That can end of being a good return on investment. Earning $90 will take $10 of investment

So, the problem with this type of scenario is because you are paying people to complete jobs for you, you need to use offers that ALLOW Cash Incentives, unless you want to do it the Black Hat way and risk getting banned and not getting paid.

The best network I have ever seen for that is ‘Revenue Universe’, they have a lot of offers that allow cash incentives, but many other networks do as well. That’s just the best one I’ve come across. They pay Net 30 though, which kinda sucks.

Okay, back to the MW’s site.

Once you’ve signed up go to create a job in the back office.

You’ll have the option of selecting which category the job belongs to.

You can get away with paying workers $.10 but keep in mind that the more you pay, the faster your quota will be reached.

Everything from there is fairly self explanatory, but reply to this thread if you have any questions.

In the the Proof Required Section, I would put something along the lines of:

“When you get to the page after you hit ‘submit’, please write the first word on the page”

Something along those lines so you know the worker finished the job, otherwise you can reject payment.

It takes about a day for the site owner to approve the job.

Your job will also get completed a lot faster if you use “Featured Job”. It just costs $2.00 extra.

Anyways, have fun with that. It’s not big money, but it’s a start.