Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Enough is enough, there are tons of SEOs, affiliate marketers, and online gurus talking the talk but there are few who walk the walk in this industry. Through various lists I have put together the best entrepreneurs on Twitter. Personal views need not apply, these people made this list because they know their shit, and most likely will be able to teach you something.

  1. Guy Kawasaki- Has authored numerous books and he contributes a
    monthly column to Entrepreneur Magazine. Guy is also a top entrepreneur, blogger, and venture capitalist.
  2. Rand Fishkin – CEO of SEOmoz, a Seattle based Internet marketing and search engine optimization firm. At 29 years old, Rand is a great example to young entrepreneurs.
  3. Dave Snyder- A leading expert in search and social media marketing. He is a Co-Founder of Search and Social.
  4. Jay Neely- Boston-based entrepreneur working on a news-related startup.
  5. Rajesh Pancholi- Owner and operator of R27 Creativelab—a creative UK studio.
  6. Sean Lindsay- Technologist, Entrepreneur, Builder, Creator, Connector.
  7. Marcelo Calbucci- Founder and CTO of Sampa. Moved to the US in 1998, and now runs his own business.
  8. Beverly Davis- Runs a cosmetic company with uplifting, motivating, and inspiring products.
  9. Chris Pund- A young entrepreneur running 2 web-based companies. Also, manages a blog for young entrepreneurs.
  10. Jeremy Schooley- Internet marketer and young entrepreneur. COO at Digital Labz.
  11. Thomson Chemmanoor- A social media marketing expert from Houston,TX. Founder of Digital Labz.
  12. Maiken Jepsen- Designer, work-at-home-mom, and owner of custom boutique clothing shop.
  13. Blaine Moore- Operates a coaching and publishing business in the running and fitness niche.
  14. Daniel McClintock- Graphic designer, entrepreneur, internet marketer, and business owner.
  15. Wes Wilson- Founder of IncSpring, a social marketplace for designers and entrepreneurs.
  16. Sumaya Kazi- Founding and Executive Director of The Cultural Connect. Recognized by Business Week as one of the top young entrepreneurs.
  17. Joann Sondy- Entrepreneur since 2000. Owner of Creative Aces, a design and digital imaging studio.
  18. Daniel Kehoe- Consultant for entrepreneurs that need a temporary/freelance CTO and blog.
  19. Rick Myers- Founder/CEO of Talent Zoo, an online database where marketing and communications firms connect with talent.
  20. JeanAnnVK- Entrepreneur, blogger, author, and social media consultant, among other things. The “Edgy Entrepreneur.”

Are you an entrepreneur on Twitter and think you belong on this list? Post a quick comment about yourself, your background, and your Tiwtter user name and if you fit the mold (or break it…) you can join the list.



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