My Favorate Indian Novelist

This can also be called

(For every thing Indian must begin with “The great Indian”)

Sometime ago when I was planning on how to spend my vacation, in a moment of enhanced desi-ness I decided that I must conquer the Indian authors. I googled for a top list, and to my surprise other than the Ten best Books About India at the IndEco blog I was unable to find any list.

So dear readers, help me out, and put down your fave Indian books and authors, and if possible add a note on why it is good.

You are welcome to contribute titles in any language though English and Hindi would help me the most.

If you are a regional blogger i encourage you to run a similar collaboration and make a master list.

Here is my list

    • RK Narayanan, conveys fantastically the Indian village/semi-urban life. His characters are easily identifiable in our neighborhood, are realistic yet have a fictional appeal.
  • Premchand, genius. Need I say more.
  • Vicram chanda’s Sacred Games. A good insight into the underworld of our own dear Bharat. May I compare it with the revered Godfather?

That’s it.

I know it is pitifully short list but the total number of Indian books I have read is also really small.

I have read Kiran desais “inheritance of loss” and found it quite a bore so if yo want to put it on the list, give GOOD reasons, and enlighten poor ol’ me.

hope this endeavor does not fall flat.

For those of you who need criterion.

  1. The book is by an Indian author
  2. The book is about India or Indians
  3. The book is written well, has good grammar
  4. Reads like a standard novel and not a Indianized ripoff of some other classic.
  5. Any genre, any language, in fact make that all genre all language.
  6. Look at the contributor’s before you and try not to repeat
  7. Mention Book and Author.
  8. Add yourrule here

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