Get Email Alerts For Your Twitter Lists with Listiti

Now that Twitter has unleashed their new lists feature, we’re sure to see lots of tools popping up which integrate them. Listiti is the newest I’ve come across so far – it’s described as “Google alerts for Twitter lists”. So basically you can monitor the mention of any keyword on any specified Twitter list. If you prefer, you can also monitor keywords based on tweets from a specific user.

Three simple steps are needed in order to setup an alert:

  1. Enter the name of the list or user that you’d like to monitor.
  2. Enter the keyword(s) that you’d like to monitor. You can choose to have at least one keyword match or choose that they all should match (in your results).
  3. Enter the email address so that your alerts can be sent to you.

Setup email alerts with Listiti.

Listiti also allows you to promote any Twitter list or Twitter account with their free badges. There are six to choose from and they’re fairly simple to customize and use. You’ll need to enter the Twitter list or username along with any keywords (which are optional) that you’d like to track. You’ll see a preview and then you’ll get the code (JavaScript) which can be used where supported.

Increase the Audience of your Twitter Content with Badges.

As you can see, the idea behind Listiti is pretty simple and straightforward. At the moment they only offer hourly alerts. They “will shortly offer digest modes. Stay tuned (you can follow them on twitter @listiti to keep in touch)”. Also, since the site is very new, there’s no option to receive a “digest” of your alerts. This is something else that is said to be added in the future.

After reading about Listiti, is this a tool that you are currently or plan on using?

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