Search Engines Are Updated After BING’s Release

Interestingly, just when the Yahoo-Microsoft deal is a few months from materializing, here comes Yahoo telling us all what the Yahoo search engineers have been doing to give us a better Yahoo seach experience. First of  these enhancements is the new Yahoo search page design which according to a post on the Yahoo Search Blog “will make search more personally relevant and helps people explore things that matter most to them.” I have no idea what took Yahoo this long to make this enhancements and why it is doing all of these only now. Probably to tell us that with or without the Microsoft search deal, Yahoo is still a separate web entity.


So here are the new things that have been rolled out/will be rolled out on Yahoo Search:

  • A more unified search page design that realigns with the new Yahoo Home Page rolled out recently.
  • Easier access to various Yahoo search features including Search Pad, Search Scan and Safe Search
  • Addition of  ”Related Concepts” or what we usually refer to as “Related searches” in the search assist layer
  • Richer search results from more sites such as Wikipedia

These enhancements are being tested out to selected percentage of U.S. users.  It might take some more time before you can see it live.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist