Surprisingly No Internet Explorer In Windows 7

Internet Explorer, most used web browser which comes as a Built-in browser with all thInternet explorer in 7e windows till now, but today Microsoft announced that the windows 7 (only in European version) will not have the in-built Internet explorer, they may have tie up with Mozilla, as a third party browser.

Is that a right decision from Microsoft? May be, to be frank, i use Internet explorer only for online banking, and confidential transactions, because IE is the most secured web browser than Mozilla or chrome, but for commercial usage i use Mozilla because it binds comfortably with my surfing.

Because of the EU antitrust concerns, Microsoft recently announced that it would not include its Internet Explorer browser (or any alternatives) in the Windows 7 software for the European market. However, the European Commission seems to be unhappy and wants to see consumers being offered a genuine choice of browsers.

The European Commission said:

“’Rather than more choice, Microsoft seems to have chosen to provide less”.

Avoiding the EU fines

Microsoft will be selling Windows 7 in Europe starting October 22. Europe accounts for 5 % of consumers who buy Windows software in a stand-alone pack. Microsoft has been looking to avoid new EU fines. Earlier in January, EU charged Microsoft (euro1.7 billion) following a complaint from tiny rival Norway’s Opera Software ASA. It was believed that Microsoft was unfairly using its power as the dominant OS supplier to squeeze out browser competitors.

Microsoft did however say that it will give PC users who want the browser a way to obtain it.

Mozilla and Google have signed on as third parties against Microsoft in the case. Although Microsoft’s browser is the most widely used worldwide, but Firefox is gaining in popularity and Google, has released its own Web browser, Chrome.

(Source: NY Times)

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional

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