“Scared Google” Highlights Verticals with Explore Search Page To Fight Back BING

So finally, Google does something to fight back at the mileage that Microsoft’s Bing has been receiving lately.  Nothing fancy on the part of Google really. Just some plain old search verticals which are now being presented in a more organized manner through the Explore Google Search Page.

microsoft vs google

What’s interesting about this special Google page is a brief tagline on what it is. The tagline goes:

Search is at the heart of everything we do at Google. Our engineers work every day to solve the hardest search problems, and thus improve your online experience. Here’s a glimpse at what they do, the features they’ve built and the remarkable user stories that inspire our work.

Take it however way you want, but we can’t escape the fact that intentionally or unintentionally this is Google’s first step towards reengineering its search vertical products and of course Google’s baby steps towards preventing  Bing from expanding its user base further.

Anyway, going back to the Explore Google Search, the page list down various search verticals that Google already has. Leading these search products are Google’s  - Weather, Flight Tracker, Local Business and other search services. The page includes the respective products’ search boxes, you can immediately try out the services right on the Explore Google Search page.

The page also highlights search stories and the Google engineers.

Another Important fact is Microsoft BING attains a stability in its growth, In the first week of its release it as 9% of the users and in second week 11% and now in the third week its as 13% of the web search usage. Seriously yahoo has got enough head ache with the Microsoft BING and the pressure is being realized by the Google now.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist