Clue To Get 10,000$ From Microsoft

In my previous post about 10,000$ prize from Microsoft (Australia) for the people using the Internet explorer, i have mentioned about the offer from Microsoft, in this post there are some clues leaked to reach that spot. The simple logic beyond this offer was to make users to move back from Mozilla to Internet Explorer. okay, leave those aside, Did you tried to get those reward money? Here is some clues regarding that spot to be traced from Internet explorer.

Microsoft’s tacky $10,000 online treasure hunt to get people to use IE8, at the domain We were hardly the only ones. Today, a developer at Mozilla, makers of IE rival Firefox, weighed in with his own way of mocking Microsoft:

Microsoft hidden Treasure

The site is simply a Google Map zoomed out to a certain point. If you zoom in enough, you’ll find a surprise. The developer took exception to Microsoft calling Firefox “old” on its site. That is a bit odd since IE is much older than Firefox.

Information provided by CrunchBase

Go and Try Your luck …!!

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist