Now Online OS is Possible with

Global Hosted Operating System or provides a free Internet-based Virtual Coimage32mputer service. It includes the following that are available from any browser, anywhere:

  • Personal desktop
  • File storage
  • Applications uses’s S3 Web Service that will keep multiple copies of every file in state-of-the-art secure data centers.

What is a Virtual Computer (VC)?

  • A service that behaves just like a computer
  • Includes a desktop, file system, applications, etc.
  • Is not physically installed on any one computer
  • Is hosted in a professional data center on the Internet
  • Is accessible from any Internet browser features

  • Access your desktop, files, apps from any computer in the world
  • Manage all your web stuff from multiple service providers
  • is automatically updated, backed-up and secured
  • When you use there is no trail of your activity on the physical computer you are using
  • Easy to use

Screenshots Desktop

 image33 control panel

 image34 Widgets


Using VC alongside Windows?

At home, you can use:

  • file upload / download facility to keep your most important documents, music and photos on and access them from other places.
  • My Items to manage your Web stuff like links to Flickr, Google Docs, YouTube videos, etc. since Windows doesn’t do that well.

Using VC instead of Windows?

You can use:

  • file upload / download facility to permanently move your files (documents, music, photos, etc.) to
  • Mail as your e-mail service.
  • POP aggregation to receive e-mails from your other e-mail services (as well as your new email).
  • My Items to manage your Web stuff (links to Flickr photos, Google Docs, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Browser to make sure that your bookmarks and cookies are available everywhere.


  • Internet Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari)
  • Flash plug-in (at least version 8).
  • will run best on a reasonably up-to-date computer with a Pentium 4 or better CPU
  • At least 512MB RAM (preferably more if you have other programs running)
  • An Internet connection of at least 1.5mbps.


  • You cannot run Windows software applications on like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • The VC comes with 15GB of free file storage. More storage will be available soon via different promotions or for a modest monthly fee.
  • The Browser is currently in alpha (and has bugs), however already has most of the features of other browsers.


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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional

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