MJ Died on 30th August 2007?

Everyone was shocked about the death of MJ that happened two days before, but the great web giant Google, datamine’s the MJ death as if the incident happened two years before..!!

Take a look at the snap shot:

MJ dead in 2007

According to Google, Michael Jackson did not pass away two days ago. Instead, the search engine is serving a customized result (powered by Wikipedia) stating that the King of Pop died on August 30th 2007 :

Such is the shameful problem of Google depending on “user generated content” from Wikipedia as a trusted resource, serving the obituary of an little known English writer named Michael Jackson during a time when the world is searching for information on the death of THE Michael Jackson. Google, you need to fix this immediately.

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Michael Jackson Died in 2007 : According to Google & Wikipedia

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

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