Changed The Default Search Engine From Google To BING

After making a search in Microsoft BING, i changed my default web search in the Mozilla Fire Fox to Bing,


First Reason is, its a search engine from Microsoft.

Secondly, the first search that i made on BING attracted me a lot, i have enclosed the snap shot of my first search in BING, its off course i searched with “Kiruba’s Informative” , See the Result.

What attracted me is, when i clicked side bar in BING, it showed my complete profile. See the Snap Shot

BING Search

Was that not cool…

And one more thing about BING.. BING makes the decision about the search similar to GOOGLE see the snap shot. i searched for “Linux” in both BING and GOOGLE, see the decision list out.

Its same as Google in searching but offers more, specially with the look and the interface. and also provides the cash back offer for US People.

bing vs google[8]


I advice you to try the BING, its really cool.if you are using Mozilla add BING as your default search engine like this, Bing add-on can be used to easily make Bing as default search provider in Firefox. Go to the addon page and click on “Add to Firefox”. Then check the mark and click Add.

BING Add on

Am really happy with BING Search, am sure that BING is going to take over the Google in the upcoming years. Am not against Google but i like Microsoft. So Microsoft is back into Business.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional

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