BING Captures Advertiser’s Attraction

Bing Vs Google! The battle continues… A research firm - User Centric has come up with some interesting findings using the eye-tracking technology and has reveled that Bing users were much more likely to look at the search ads on the right side of the page as compared to Google.

The research indicated not much difference between Google and Bing in terms of the amount of attention on the organic search results, with people spending an average of 7 seconds in that area in both the cases.

For both Bing and Google, the sponsored links (located above the organic results) caught more attention, with over 90% of people looked in that area during each search.

Bing Vs Google:

Some highlights from the research
  • Bing attracted more user attention for sponsored links on the right with about 42% of users per search as compared to Google with only about 25% of users per search. On both the search engines, users spent approximately 2.5 seconds looking at the area during transactional searches and 2 seconds during informational searches.
  • Bing attracted much higher visibility and user attention on its related searches with about 31% of users per search as compared to Google’s related searches that managed to attract the attention of only 5% of users per search.
  • On Bing, related searches are shown on the left, which is right below the categories. On Google, related searches are below the organic search results, towards the bottom of the page.

G & B

This shows that Bing has an upper hand in terms of grabbing user attention, and this might just make the search advertisers think again about their advertising strategy, in the end perhaps even favoring Bing… you never know!

User Centric plans to dig deeper into the users’ search behaviors, as well as other sections of Bing, like Images, Videos, and News. It will be interesting to see what the report uncovers.

(Source: User Centric press release )

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
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