Indian Zero Rupees Currency

Have you ever seen a Zero Rupees Indian Currency??

I am not joking. Here is the video of the Man who has Zero Rupees Notes.

Actually these notes were from the ICICI Bank ATM, and the 500 Rupees Notes were found missing

the numbers “50” for the Value "500”

ATM of ICICI bank in Powai in Mumbai dispensed Rs 0 notes to a customer. The notes were genuine as it was confirmed by the ICICI bank officials and they assured the customer that the notes will be replaced after doing the required enquiry.

Make sure that you check the notes that you get from any ATM and keep the withdrawal slip with you.

On further inspection, Gupta and Kumble realised that the discrepancy was in the notes printed in serial numbers 4FB962449 to 53. All the other security watermarks on the currency, including the value of the denomination printed in words, were intact.

Check out the video, the man shows the Currency’s.


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Posted By: KirubaKaran
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