Create Your Own Social Community Website

Almost Every one is a Member in atleast one of the Social Community Sites Like Orkut or Face Book Or My Space Etc..

Have You Ever dreamed about creating Your own Social Community Sites that as all most all features of the popular social networking sites.

Do you want to explore the possibility of running your own Facebook or Orkut because you are simply beyond the realms of everybody else? Well, there are options for you. The web has allowed you to be able to create your own free social network for anybody or a private network for you and your college campus.

Fornuately, You dont need to start developing the sites right from basic and you dont even need to know any programming skills or creative ideas or web designing. You Can just create your own social site just by Dragging and Dropping.

Can't You Believe it ?? Believe me !! Its Damn True !!

Here is the Site :

Actually how i came to know about this site is, i was searching the internet to get some ideas for doing my Mini Project in my college. just by casual browsing i came to know about this site.

One of the Main feature of this site is its so user friendly.
One of the reasons I love this site to build a social network using Ning is because of the drag-and-drop capabilities. Even once it is built, you are able to easily move different elements of your site to different parts of the page. Ning also has many different templates and styles to choose from, making personalization virtually endless.

The next step to me, is to open it to open-source programs like Wordpress and Blogger so other people can make their own templates and designs for others to easily download and upload to their own site. Elements you can include into your Ning social network are: chat, videos, photos, member view, forums, groups, and many more. Another plus of this program is you have control over your members if you are the creator of the social network. You can appoint group administrators and even ban members. Overall, this site will help you create a polished and professional site from scratch in less than 10 minutes as it did with me.

This is the website that i created for Microsoft Certifications using Ning

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