Apply For Microsoft Intern

If you're a Ph.D. candidate or undergraduate who's passionate about the Web, computer science or engineering, we (Microsoft) may have just the opportunity for you. Every year Live Labs takes on about 30 interns. You'll work with some of the brightest people in the industry, in a stimulating and supportive environment. And it's not just busy work, it's real hands-on experience, working on existing projects or exploring new ideas. Sound good?

Here's how to apply :-

Intern applicants with strong academic achievement in fields such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, or Social Sciences with a focus on technology are preferred. While a large majority of Microsoft Research interns are currently pursuing a PhD degree, Microsoft Research does occasionally have positions available for undergraduate and Master students who are involved in research projects and planning to pursue their PhD. However, if you are an Undergraduate or Master student, you will find a much greater variety of product development internship positions on the product teams.

Internship Opportunities

Get details on how to apply for an internship in your area of the world. We have intern opportunities at these locations:

* Redmond, WA, U.S.

* Silicon Valley, CA, U.S.

* New England, U.S.

* Cambridge, U.K.

* Bangalore, India

* Beijing, China

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