Facebook Review Of Endiran

Some of my facebook friends review of endiran after watching premier shows.

Gokul Doss Enthiran released in dubai , first show over..
Fans verdict :
there is going to be no another film as spectacular as endhiran in near future .. Running time : 165mins .. Final 90mins are super sonic without a minute lag :-)

Derick Vinod ENDIRAN - No words to talk abt Rajini here awesomeeeeeee, he is real Super Star....specially his negative role every1 in tis world wil lik it.....
A Good Script by director Shankar, but cud've avoided some scenes felt twas quite dragging...really extraordinary thinkin from him....credit goes to him...

Prakash Viswanathan Watched the first Tamil movie with holywood standards, Great one as a movie , A little pain for the core Rajini fans tough. : Endiran The Robo.
One time watch recommended.

Thanga Kalyan WOWWW!!!!!! ENDIRAN rockzzzz......wat a movie ...njoyed d movie alott!!!hatz off to SHANKAR,RAJNI,AISHWARYA RAI,AR RAHMAN!!!!Superb actin.....all d songs r rockin....locations in d movie r really superb.....ENDIRAN s a world wide HIT.....no doubt in tat!!!atlast one happiest moment happened 2day s....shankar cam to theatre and i took a photo wit him......!!!NO DOUBT ENDIRAN IS A WORLD WIDE HIT!‌

Gvramakrishnan Gv got a call from dubai from one of my friends who had seen endiranand he told that
the movie was too good for words....another call from hazira from an engineer relative
of mine called my wife that he had bunked office and the movie was good ...he called
during interval....so all fans of rajini including me are happy

Arun Kumar Just returned after watching ENDIRAN.....Rajini a legend rocks onnn....
overall verdict----awesome & gonna film of the year....

Pratik Agrawal endiran (ROBOT) calculations : don’t forget to see the calculations
2250 prints x 4 shows x 500 seats x Rs. 150 = 67,50,00,000 =
Rs. 67.5 crore per day. Rs. 67.5 crore x 3 days = Rs. 202.5 Crore.MOVIE MADE IN 150 CRORES

No one can prove his mass power than this.

Hats off to Rajini Sir.