New Link Structure that is producing results

In order to understand this link structure, you will need to have basic info on the following.

1. WEB 2.0 Sites.
2. Profile Sites
3. Social Bookmarking
4. RSS Feeds
5. ScrapeBox Commenting (Optional)

The problem
with most of us is that we do all this individually and once we create a backlink we just leave it as it is.

What we should do?
Add MORE Value to those backlinks that we create.

How do we do that?
Add more supporting backlinks to the backlink that you create.

For example, lets look at WEB 2.0 Sites.
There are numerous web 2.0 sites.
To name a few,

A typical person would just write an article and once it is posted with his anchor text backlink, he is satisfied and thinks that the job is done.

Yeah, it is done. But really you should make your backlink more valuable.
Add numberous links to the backlink.

Here is a picture, for better understanding.
Circles represents profile links.

Linking Method
1. Create a tumblr post. (Grab the url of the post)
2. Create profile links (around 10 profile links for that tumblr post)
- Rem that DON’T overspam profile links. JUST 2 links per profile. Hint: You can have one link pointing to Tumblr while the other point to another Web 2.0 property. Best practice: Find your own profile links.
3. Social bookmark every single profile link. Social bookmark the tumblr post.
4. Create a RSS of your profile links and send it to RSS Aggregators.
you can create a feed from almost any site. This had been mentioned numerous times. google should help too.
5. Blog commenting – Use scrapebox. set the name to genuine names and spin some good comments and do a blast on all the links created. Profile Links & Web 2.0 property.

Even tho, it is just a single site that is pointing to your site. It has value and google likes valuable links instead of overly spammed blog comments.

Too much work?
Yeah. But there are automated tools.
I am thinking of creating my own automated tool and releasing too.
It would do the whole job in a click. REALLY in a click.
But, i am not that good with BOTS yet. Anyone wanna join me? PM Me.
Alternatively, you can outsource the work.
There are people in 3rd world countries where they are willing to do the whole work for $10-$15 excluding article writing.