Why To Add a Barcode Labels To Your Product And Increase Sales By Supplying Major Retail Chains In India

If you want to sell your products to major Australian retailers like Woolworths, Coles and Kmart you will need to have an EAN barcode on the product. To get your own EAN barcode number contact GS1 Australia

Tlmc  After you get your number Barcode Datalink can help you with the installation of a dedicated Zebra barcode label printer and the BarTender label design and print software.

Within an hour we will have you printing your own labels. Simply create a design that you like including the part number, the EAN barcode, the description, price, whatever you like and save the format. Now you can print 1, 10 or 1000 labels whenever you need. To keep your numbers in order create an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of which EAN number has been used for each product. Link the Excel spreadsheet to your label design and now you can call up by part number whenever you need to print some labels.

You use barcode label printers because they give you the flexibility to print one label at a time and the cost per label is alot cheaper than using an ink jet or laser printer. Plus the quality of the image from a barcode label printer will pass GS1 testing.

Visit our website and search for 'BarTender'. Follow the links to download a free 30 day trial version.

BarTender can also print to ink jet and laser printers and we can supply A4 sheets of labels for low volume labelling requirements.
For a guide on how to select the right printer for your needs and volume of labels visit our website and search for 'zebra printers'.

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