Google Search for the Blind, Visually Impaired

Just Like we can Use “” to Search Super Fast without Ads, Similarly Accessible Search is an early Google Labs product designed to identify and prioritize search results that are more easily usable by blind and visually impaired users. Regular Google search helps you find a set of documents that is most relevant to your tasks. Accessible Search goes one step further by helping you find the most accessible pages in that result set.

Google Accessibility Search for the Blind, Visually Impaired

In its current version, Google Accessible Search looks at a number of signals by examining the HTML markup found on a web page. It tends to favor pages that degrade gracefully — pages with few visual distractions and pages that are likely to render well with images turned off. Google Accessible Search is built on Google Co-op’s technology, which improves search results based on specialized interests.

Accessible Search is a natural and important extension of Google’s overall mission to better organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. Google Accessible Search is designed to help the visually impaired find the most relevant, useful and comprehensive information, as quickly as possible.

In the past, visually impaired Google users have often waded through a lot of inaccessible websites and pages to find the required information. Our goal is to provide a more useful and accessible web search experience for the blind and visually impaired.

Navigate search results quickly and easily, with just your keyboard. As you navigate, items are magnified for easier viewing. If you use a screen reader or talking browser, the relevant information is spoken automatically as you navigate.


T.V. Raman explains that Accessible Google Search makes visually handicapped users find first those web pages that they can easily listen to with a screen reader.

Current keyboard shortcuts include:



j or DOWN
Selects the next item.

k or UP
Selects the previous item.

l or RIGHT
Moves to the next category (results, sponsored links, refinements).

h or LEFT
Moves to the previous category (results, sponsored links, refinements).

Opens the selected result.

Puts the cursor in the search box.

Moves to the next result, and fetches more results if necessary.

Moves to the previous result, reloading earlier results if necessary.

Magnifies current item

Shrinks current item

Switches to Accessible Search Results

Switches to regular Web Search Results

For now, you need to use the Firefox 3 web browser with this experiment. This note will be updated as other browsers are added. Magnification already works with Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

Link :

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