Earn 100$ From FaceBook And Paypal


Paypal has started a paypal wishlist application in facebook to promote paypal. So, when a facebook user adds this app to his/her profile he gets $1. In order to fully qualify for the prize the user has to add his/her paypal id(if you don have paypal id , you can create using this app) and create a wishlist and save and publish it.
The app to be added is : Paypal Wishlist
The promotion is till dec 31st 2009 only. The users from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore (“Eligible Countries”) will be awarded prizes in this promotion. However users from other countries can add this app, but not elgible to be awarded prizes.
Important Step to be completed:
1. Add the App to your profile. Click Here for the app.
2. If you have a paypal id add/register it in the app. If not . create a new paypal id using the app and add/register it.
3. Create a wishlist and click EDIT YOUR WISHLIST. Select your preferred wishlist form different categories.
4. Click Save and Share this wishlist. And then click publish. All your friends will be notified about your wishlist and the app.
5. Then click on Invite Friends and select friend to whom you want send the invitation to add this app. For every user who adds the app through you and creates a wishlist and registers a paypal id you will receive $1.
The maximum limit is 100$ for each user or till the fund lasts. So hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think its fake. Go to Paypal site and find out for yourself. The details about paypal wishlist is given paypal official site.

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