Increase 10mb Attachment Limit In Yahoo To 100 mb

mb1000Yahoo! Mail is one of the most widely-used web-based email in the world. Until now you could only send about 20-25MB files as attachment(s) per e-mail. However, with the introduction of applications in Yahoo Mail, attaching files of upto 100MB per mail is possible now., is a simple real-time file sharing service, which allows files of upto 100MB to be shared at once. They have come up with an app, called as Attach Large Files, that can be integrated into Yahoo Mail Applications. Through this you may send files of upto 100MB per mail.


How to do it?

  • First of all login to your yahoo mail. See to it, that it is the New Yahoo! Mail Interface.. You may access it from here.
  • mb1002Access ‘Attach Large Files’ from the applications menu in the lower left hand corner of your inbox.

    Note that you must have applications enabled in your yahoo mail to see the applications menu. Too enable it go to and click on the get started link at the bottom.

  • A new tab – ‘Attach Large Files’ will have opened. Just click on the ‘Select Files’ button, and go on uploading!
  • After that click on the ‘Upload and Compose E-Mail’ button, compose your email and send it.

When your recipient opens the e-mail, they have the option to click to view and download individual files, or the whole group (of files).

The application allows Yahoo! Mail users to save previously sent groups of attached files that can later be viewed or resent. It also integrates several useful functions like voicemail and conference calling.

The Attach Large Files app was built entirely on’s robust and open API. On the potential of’s API, Shaun concludes,

In reality, any third-party developer could have made this app, which serves to illustrate the enormous power of the API when coupled with other platforms such as Yahoo! Mail.

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