Get A Google Approved Adsense Account Using Tampering Plug In

This Short guide is for all those members who are in need for Adsense account.
This trick would not let you down. Now you will not have to get any more Rejection from Google.
How To Approve Google Adsense Account
google adsense signup
How To Approve Google Adsense Account
Here We Go...
1. Go To
2. Click on Signup
3. Now Fill all the coloumns and keep the country to pakistan ( later on you can changed )
4. In City Type '' Quetta "
5. In Postal Code Type 87300
6. Click On Submit.
All Done.. Now you will get a mail from Google Adsense which will confirm your resitration...
** Now How To Change The Country And Addsress..
1. Fill this form (Click Here) Adsense Support Bin (it will take 3 days to get updated)
Some TIPS:

If You Trying by this method you can just create a blog and apply for adsense.. u will be approved in 5mins..

Recently Google had aproving Pakistan Profiles Request For Adsense And There Is Problem In Changing Your Country
So Have Found Easy Method to change Your Country Just Fllow These Steps

1.You Need Tamper data Addon To Your Firefox
2.Now Restar Your FF & Login To Your Adsense Account With Your Pass &email
3.Now Click On Edit

submit form

4.And Goto Tools And Open Tamper Data And Start It


5.Now Change Your,Address,City,Pin code & Click On Save Changes Tamper Data Will Poup Window Click ON Tamper

change country

Now Here you See In Second Field PK Is Written Now Change that is Pakistan Now Change It To IN & Click On OK & Stop Tamper Data
6.Now Choose Your State


You Have Done You Will GEt Email From Google Saying Your Country Has Been Changed.

Hope Google is aware of It. Please Take necessary actions to stop these kind of fake accounts.

Google Adsense Account Banned? See here for how to get a Google Approved Adsense account with your name and address.. See this website for more details.

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