Website Access Blocked In College/Office? Now Its Time To Unblock Them

Want to Access blocked sites in school/Collage or Offices. How you can access blocked sites. Read these tips to access blocked sites on your school, office and collage internet.Website Blocked

Just Follow These Steps:

1. Convert URL Name to IP Address: - Just simple way to load any site using their IP address like to access orkut we can use their direct IP Address. Visit to find the Ip address of any site.

2. Access through Google Cache - While searching on the Google you will see that there is a blue hover link on each search's footer named as Cached. Search Google for your blocked site then click on Cached. But this way you can't access the latest content on site. As Cache is a copy of content in Google search Engine.

3. Access using Online Translation Tools - In this method, we can use the translation service as a web proxy. Following are the best links I know of. Again Google is your best friend for more resources.

4. Access using Google Mobile search - Google mobile search works, but output may not be optimized for your desktop Internet browser. This is very similar to using a Web proxy.

5. Access Through a public Proxy server - You can use another Proxy server to access blocked sites. Click here to read full details about how to access blocked sites though proxy sites.

6. Get web pages via email - This trick will not work on large web pages and will allow accessing just a single page. Given below are some examples.

"You can use SEND in the body of the message and send it to to retrieve home page." [Via]

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist