Please Protect Your Google Adsense Account…

Google Adsense, as we know, is the pioneer of content-related advertising, using bloggers, small-time business or any website (that gets approved!) as advertising estate. Their revenue system helps many people get online and earn a little dough.. The ads come from another Google service called Adwords, where advertisers just create ads and set of on campaigning. However, all this automated behavior by Google is bound to create bloopers!

Take for example, during the 26 Dec Mumbai shooting, the following ad was reported by notesfromearth on IBNlive (newportal):

Terrorism Anyone?
Terrorism Anyone?

Another weird ad, that came out due to the automated and non-reviewing nature of Adsense is seen below. This ad came in my Gmail account, when I was reading about Photoshop.

Qulity. Oh Yeah!
High qulity. Oh Yeah!

I’d have to say that this ad had no relation to the content I was reading, and the ad had no meaning or clarity itself!

Another one came in the Adsense dashboard of the author of Hoover Web Design Blog.


Here is another funny one from

Let me know what Google says!?
Let me know what Google says!?

Not saying anything against Google. It’s one of the best tools on the web that helps us earn money. However, a little rectification of that famous code could improve it. What say?

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist