Google Earth Brings Moon Much Closer


In celebration of 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing on the Moon, Google is launching a new feature of Google Earth and it happens to be the Moon.  Moon in Earth features various Apollo 11 stories straight out of the many books that chronicles the event told in an interactive 3D medium using Google Earth.

The new Google Earth feature chronicles each of the Apollo landing missions through pictures and stories as well as video footage from Spacecraft films and surface panoramas of photos taken by the Apollo 11 mission crew themselves 40 years ago.

There is also the Human Artifacts layer which contains locations and trivia on all spacecrafts that landed or crashed into the moon.

Moon in Earth also features Historical Maps layer of maps used by NASA during the Apollo missions.

Moon in Earth requires installation of Google Earth 5.0.  If you have it installed you can click on the planet button on the top of the toolbar of Google Earth, choose Moon and then let Google fly you to the moon.

Source : Search Engine Journal.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
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