How To Get Feedback From Your Blog Visitors

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Today, if you have visited my blog, you would have notified a new widget at the Top-Left Corner..!! Its an simple widget, but a most important widget that is required for all bloggers. I recommend this for all blogs and website. This widgets attracts your visitors to give a feedback about your blog. I realize that feedback are too valuable for all bloggers.This feedback widget is called as Kampyle.

The Snapshot of the above widget is as shown:

en-orange-corner-up-rightOk.. Now lets move on. The another feature of this widgets is it cost nothing. This provides you a powerful on-demand solution to collect, analyze and manage your website visitors' feedback.

Okay now let me tell you how does this widget work.

When a visitor comes to your site, the scripts run in background and when they stay in your website for more than 30 sec(You can increase or decrease the time when you create the widget), it creates a assumption that the user got well binded with your blog, now he/she can give some feedback about your blog.

The Feed Back Form appears like this


If the users are not interested, simply they can give no, This is so important because it should not irritate your visitor. If the visitor is willing to give you feed back the script takes you to the next steps.

The Kapyle widget is so easy to create and install and one of the most important feature of this widget is you can place this widgets in the four corners of your blog and also as a link to provide feed back.

This widgets also provides you a Analytics: Check this video:

Don’t worry about SPAM feed back because when visitors give feed back, the kampyle uses the e-mail authentication for identifying the spam. So your get your valuable feedbacks for your blog.

Its worth to give a try.. !!

I request you to visit my blog and provide me feed back about my blog. Please provide me your valuable suggestions.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

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