Translate And Identify your Blog Language

It seems like Live Search Translator just got updated with a new feature – the ability to automatically detect the language you wish to translate!

My Web Page Translation

Click here for a Enlarged Image

In the screenshot above, I simply typed “” into the text box and Live Search Translator automatically detected that it is a website I’d like to translate and that it is written in Simplified Russian. This makes my task so simple and saves me from guessing what language the website’s language actually is. Very neat feature!


What’s also new is the new “Swap from and to languages” feature. Simply click the arrows between the two language-selection drop down box to swap the two languages around. So if you’d like to do a round-trip translation to see how well Live Search Translator works, this tool makes it easy to do so!

It is also to be congratulated that they have finally gotten rid of the old “Wave 2” look at Windows Live Translator website And it seems like they’ve gotten a new logo too! Well done!

Give a Try with your website…

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional