Genuine Windows 7 Logo

There has been many rumours moving around confused about which one is the original Windows logo as dozens of supposed official Windows 7 logos have been leaking in net saying they are the original Windows 7 logo,but all are found to be fake.Now you wont need to play the guessing game thanks to Microsoft China website,Windows 7 logo is revealed.There are some 9 pics which show the Windows 7 logo.

PCbeta also posted it on the website. These images were taken from a Microsoft sponsored event on Windows 7 RC held in China.The images seen below clearly confirms yet again that the art found on leaked Boxes of Windows 7 were indeed real!Speaking of the logo, some people are going to great lengths to find a “meaning” behind the logo

Take a Look At the Snap Shot..

Genuine Windows 7 Logo -Kiruba

Also The Complete Album



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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional

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