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We( will have the privilege of having Rajan Anandan, Managing Director of Microsoft India, as the guest at 'The Kiruba Show'.

'The Kiruba Show' is a podcast interview series with CEOs and top brass of Indian and international companies. The show follows a friendly conversational tone. You can find the old podcasts here and the new site will soon be launched with the fresh set of podcasts, which includes interviews with SAP MD, Jeffrey Archer and many.

I'm a firm believer that the collective knowledge of the audience is far higher than just any one individual. The show extensively uses Social Media to have the readers actively be part of the program. You have the chance to ask questions and we will pass it on to the CEO on your behalf. Due credit will be given. While asking the questions, your name and your profile will be mentioned. When the interview eventually gets published, your blog, twitter and LinkedIn profiles will be linked to.
Quite honestly, I've been meaning to give due credit to people who contributed with your questions and I plead guilty for not giving enough credit. That's one area that I really will be working on correcting it.
If you had the chance to meet the MD of Microsoft India, what is the one question you would like to ask him? Here is how you can pass on your questions.

Twitter: Please send in your questions as Tweets with @Kiruba.

Comment on this blog post: Just drop your question to Rajan in the comment section below this blog post.

Facebook: Here is his facebook profile. Just write your question on his wall or send a private message to him.

Email : The simplest and most effective method. Send your question to Kiruba @

SMS: Another effective method. Send your question to +91 98415 97744.

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Hope this is a nice opportunity to talk with the Microsoft CEO’s. Make use of it. Please Visit his site and post your questions as the comments. He will ask him as your representative.

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