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i have a interesting article for you, when i was just googling i found this site.. its really cool.. you people have to check it for sure..

TinEye – A reverse image search engine which lets you find similar images uploaded by you

Don’t Panic i will explain you clearly,

When you upload a picture to this site, this will give you all the photos regarding that, For instance, when you upload a image of “  Brad Pit “ You will get all the photos that looks similar like the photo you uploaded. when you get some photos with low resolution you need to give this site a try. Hope i am clear with that.

Ever stumbled upon a nice picture and wanted to have more versions of it ? Or, just a higher resolution picture of the same ? OR an un-watermarked version of it ? OR…..TinEye is an all-in-one solution for it.

Tiny Eye

TinEye also provides a useful plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer to search images from within any site. As for other browsers, they have a nice handy bookmarklet too.

I just uploaded this picture,


And see i got the results of the photos that are similar to the photo i uploaded,

Tiny Results

So next time you see a photograph in an Orkut or Facebook profile and wonder if it really is of that person or of some celebrity, then just give TinEye a try

Hope this was useful!

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