Microsoft's Recent Technologies

Every Wednesday night, AXN channel telecasts a show called Crime Scene Investigation.

CSI implements the cutting edge technologies in its scripts to give a fabulous effect to their viewers. The producer of CSI, Anthony E. Zuiker has recently planned to incorporate Microsoft's 'Photosynth'  which means stitching a large collection of images and turning them into a 3D view so that it is viewable from any angle. This photo stitching technology is not out in the market yet and is still under research. Many other research papers of Microsoft has also been implemented in this fiction from time to time.

CSI may be a fiction, but the core technology is real- says Zuiker.

Zuiker makes regular visit to the Microsoft's research labs in Redmond, Washington to keep in track of whats going on in there. No doubt, this partnership of CSI with Microsoft proves to be priceless for the CSI crew.

Zuiker says that he will keep implementing new technologies of Microsoft which he think is interesting.

Source : Thanks to Suganya

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
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