Google And Yahoo - No Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my Readers !!

I don’t really cover the search engine holiday logos too often, but I really couldn’t help to notice that both Yahoo AND Google are not featuring Happy Easter logos.

Instead, we get the same plain old Google and Yahoo logos on this holiday. Live Search and on the other hand, are showing the Easter Bunny some love on their homepages.

Ask even goes as far as to offer a quick link from the homepage for the search results from What is the Origin of Easter“.

Here are some screen captures of their homepages this Easter :

Google did traditionally change their logo for Easter Weekend, as we see here from the year 2000 :

Is there any reason why the two big engines, Yahoo & Google, are not decorating their sites with eggs, bunnies and Peeps?

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Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional
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