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i am writing this post to tell you about the new application from Microsoft..

This application uses the Well known rich internet applications (RIA) SILVER LIGHT..

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced new features in Silverlight 2, our cross platform rich internet application runtime. One of the most exciting new features is Deep Zoom. This capability allows users to explore collections of super high resolution imagery, from a 2 or 3 megapixel shot from a digital camera to gigapixel scans of museum pieces, all without waiting for huge file downloads. The simple zooming interface allows users to explore entire collections down to specific details in extreme close-up, all with fantastic performance and smooth transitions.

With Silverlight 2, Microsoft brings the intersection of design and technology under the spotlight. Silverlight 2 is great for building consumer facing rich internet applications (RIA) but this doesn’t mean that business applications are left out. Silverlight provides the foundation for Vertigo’s designers to create powerful data visualizations needed in most business web applications.

Equipped with Silverlight 2, Vertigo’s designers and engineers are able to create compelling user experiences, rich interactivity, and dynamic content in unprecedented ways.

Silverlight 1.0 and 2 are very different. Silverlight 1.0 is based off of Javascript while Silverlight 2 leverages the .NET common runtime, which means that developers can program in familiar .NET languages like C#.

Cool Silverlight 2 Features:

* Deep Zoom (formerly known as SeaDragon) revolutionizes the way people interact with content (check out the work we’ve done with Hard Rock and on our own site (Vertigo)).
* Includes WPF UI Framework
* Rich controls which reduce development time and cost
* Rich Networking Support
* Rich Base Class Library

Just see the sample over here !!

It will be really cool.. See the Deep zoom of the Picture..

Deep Zoom is based on the same Seadragon technology that you have seen in our demos and in the Photosynth preview. For the first time, we are enabling individual developers to harness the 2D capabilities of Seadragon to support smooth zooming interfaces on super high resolution images and collections

Wasn't that really cool !!

Microsoft Rocks Again !!

Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional