How to know if your friend is offline or invisible ?

An interesting Information for you people !!

A few months back Google added invisibility mode in gmail chats(.. but not in its desktop version still).This means your girl friends could give you a slip and go invisible. Gosh!that's bad.... Luckily they wouldn't be aware that there are ways by which they can be stripped of their invisibility cloak.Supposing you use Google talk I'll show you how to do this .

step 1:
choose your ex-girlfriend and open the chat window:

step 2:
choose go off the record option . Doing so your chats will not be saved to the mail box. We need this to prevent your chat being saved as an offline message.

step 3:
Now you type a message and send it.

Now if your ex is invisible she'll receive your message and nothing happens .Else if she is really offline you'll receive a message something like the one below.

Plus she'll never know that you were suspicious about her online status.... phew!

Very soon Update for the same information for Yahoo messenger will be uploaded...

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