Registry Cleaner

Freeware Registry Software VS Commercial Registry Software

We can compare both freeware and commercial registry cleaner, highlight the differences between them and how you can use them to your advantage.

Advantages of freeware:

Pros #1 - No Cost. You need not pay any money to use them.

Pros #2 - Can combine many cleaners for best errors detection and result.

Pros #3 - Only some of the software will provide certain protection of known ActiveX Errors.

Pros #4 - Only some will comes with automatic archive as well as full archive for the Windows registry.

Disadvantage of freeware:

Cons #1 - Not effective when using them alone, must combine few for best result.

Cons #2 - Require human intervention most of the time, not recommended to auto repair with freeware cleaner.

Cons #3 - Most the freeware cleaner does not provide backup functionality, you need to use regedit and do manual backup.

Cons #4 - No support or limited support from freeware vendors.

Cons#5 - Detect slower, scanning feature not optimize to the maximum..

Cons #6 - Not updated all the time.

Advantage of Commercial software:

Pros #1 - Detect more errors and scan faster, easier to repair even with only one software.

Pros #2 - Auto-backup before cleaning, easily to restore when ever the Windows behave abnormally.

Pros #3 - More advance tools to speed up Windows.

Pros #4 - Some of the software will allow schedule scan and automatic repair, enhance user experience and maintain your computer automatically.

Pros #5 - Better support from the vendors.

Pros #6 - Provide protection against known ActiveX problems.

Pros #7 - Always up to date following the update of the operating system.

Disadvantage of Commercial software:

Cons #1 - Not free, and some cost a lot.

Cons #2 - Does not guarantee to worth the price unless recommended by reviews.

Cons #3 - Some required monthly recurring charges while most required yearly charges.

Hope the list of pros and cons help you determine when to use freeware registry cleaner and when to use commercial software, you can find the best registry repair software here or visit the registry cleaner review, although there are no strict rules but you can use them as guidelines for your advantage.

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