Should you go for Adsense ? My Personal Experience


Google is a big company who makes money with Adwords. But Adwords is backed by a program called Adsense. I won't teach you about Adsense here, I just want to burst some myths about Adsense for newcomers.

Adsense is a lucrative way to make money online if you have great content and/or a lot of traffic but you may not know how to get started with Adsense. For one experiment I made in the past, I chose only the traffic strategy (I named it the "Massive Attack" strategy of the Adsense Clueless Wanabee) because I didn't want to commit myself to write unique lengthy articles of my own, not knowing where I was going. The result was not bad for a start - about 80$ per month for a few dozen thousands impressions - but with bad quality content (copy and paste type of my work notes) so that at any time I was risking to be kicked off from the SERPs (Search Engine Research Positions) by a new Google's algorithm.

Now that I know that Google adsense can work, my advice would be to write good content in a niche that you master with high paying keywords and not too much competition. For example the make money online is crowded with billions of pages and I guess mylotnovice will never make a dime with adsense, but that's not the reason why I did create this blog in the first place :).

Last but not least, if you want to start easily with adsense, don't do it with Blogger but with Hubpages, an adsense revenue sharing community which will optimize the ads placement for you. For example, this hub on Rolex Watches is making about 100$ per month according to Hubpages Founder.

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Posted By: KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional

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