Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Provides a Free online translation service for a truly world-wide web.

The Main Page of the Translator is as shown:

Visit the Site to add the gadget to your blog :

The language-neutral vision is now nearly a reality on the web thanks to the Microsoft Translator Widget.

People with websites or blogs can embed the Microsoft Translator Widget (powered by Microsoft Translator) into their site. Visitors of websites and blogs that have the Microsoft Translator Widget embedded can translate the content on the website without having to leave the site at all – which is awesome.

I’ve added the Microsoft Translator Widget to the Microsoft Certification Blog.

The Microsoft Translator Widget will show up in the sidebar of the Windows Experience Blog where you can choose a specific language to translate the content to without leaving our site. The widget looks like this:

I would love to get some feedback on how well the Microsoft Translator Widget translates my blog posts. If you are fluent in any of the languages the Microsoft Translator Widget can translate to, translate my blog posts and let me know in the comments below how well it’s translating the blog posts.

i tested the widget on my Microsoft Blog and here the Translation results..

The snap shot are here:

Instead of translating the whole web page the Microsoft Translator allows you the translate only the part of the web page.

The page i have marked in yellow alone will be translated into the language (FRENCH).

The Complete conversion for the first paragraph is as shown..

The Translation can be done on whole page too !!

Isn't that cool !!

Microsoft Rocks Again !!

You feedback will be much appreciated!

Please note: I am looking for feedback on how well the Microsoft Translator Widget translates content here – not feedback on the widget specifically. If you have specific feedback regarding the Microsoft Translator Widget, how it works, issues with it on your site, etc – I suggest leaving that feedback on this blog post for the Microsoft Translator Team.

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Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional