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I just got an email from an anonymous source within Microsoft’s corporation network tipped me off to the new name of their Microsoft Office suite.

i thought it might be a SPAM, Although it’s not much to go on, and no build numbers were included with the email, the following splash screen was attached of a “recent build”, according to the Microsoft source.

Microsoft have often preempted their product dates with the following year to make the software seem more up to date. Windows 95, granted, was released in 1995 and so was Windows 98. Many of the Windows Server products followed with the aforementioned time plan, and it seems Microsoft may well be sticking with a late-2009 or early 2010 release.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment on the news.

Any news about the future of the Office system is big news for students, as we will be one of the major markets using the software. With Office web applications being added to the new version of Office, this will increase productivity and enable better things to come out of working on the web.

But after this, i got the official news about the Office from Microsoft,

Steve Ballmer (CEO, Of Microsoft) has confirmed that Office 14 will not be out until 2010, but stated that the recent global price cut has had a positive effect for Microsoft.

Talking at Microsoft's Strategic Update, Ballmer confirmed the already widely reported suggestion that Office 14 was not scheduled for this year.

But, as he talked about Microsoft's "biggest and more profitable" business, Ballmer was buoyed by the news that cutting the price of Office shifted far more copies.

Pirate problem

"You may notice that Office unlicensed has a bigger percentage of this market than it does in the Windows market which is both an opportunity and a challenge," said Ballmer.

"Open Office has been competing with us for a number of years but we keep competing. It doesn't go away.

"We think we have a superior offering and we are priced well. You may have noticed we decreased the price of Office around the world and there's enough elasticity that we have more than made up in unit value for what we gave up."

Office 14

"Office 14 which will not be this year, but it will have a version of Sharepoint, a version of Exchange and a new version of Office Live which is the non-enterprise service for Office customer," he added.

"This is a market where we make a lot more money from the enterprise offerings than we do for the consumer market."

We knew Microsoft was almost ready to lift the lid on the next version of its Office suite of software, but we hadn't expected the surprises that appear in the offing.

According to reports in the US and Japan, the next iteration will not be called Office 14, as had been expected, but will instead go by the name Office 2010.

Online ads

Moreover, it will also be delivered as a web-based set of tools like Google Documents that will be free to use and supported by advertising on the same pages.

It is expected that traditional, boxed versions of the software will also go on sale, but that those will come with monthly fees or charges based on how much they're actually used.

So far, none of this is official, but we'll bring you the lowdown just as soon as Redmond lets the cat out of the bag.

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Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
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