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Today I am following up with a smaller but also useful list of keyboard shortcuts for Google:

Just Opt-in to Google experimental search:

In this case you will be offered the following shortcuts to use:

j - Selects the next result.
k - Selects the previous result.
o - Opens the selected result (same as <Enter>).
/ - Puts the cursor in the search box.
<esc> - Removes the cursor from the search box.

You will also see the list of available shortcuts to the right of search results (above paid search results) every rime you perform the search. The currently selected results is picked by the > sign.

The Snap Shot of a Query “Kiruba” in Google Search :

Kiruba - Google

You can see list of available shortcuts in the Right Side.

Google Keyboard Shortcuts FireFox Addon:

This addon will let you search Google using the following keys (which seem more usable to me):

<up> - Select Previous Result
<down> - Select Next Result
<enter> - Open Selected Result
<ctrl>+<enter> - Open Result in New Tab
<left> - Previous Page
<right> - Next Page
<left>, <right> - previous, next page

The currently selected listing is highlighted in yellow:


Google Keyboard Shortcuts Greasemonekey Scripts:

Keyboard Shortcuts Enhancement for Yahoo/Google… - this script allows to quickly switch between search engines and types using the following keys:

<esc> - Set (or grab) focus to (or from) the text area input element
<alt>+n - Switch to the news search provided by the same search vendor
<alt>+w - Switch to the web search provided by the same search vendor
<alt>+/ - Switch between yahoo and google search
<alt>+<down> - Show the next page
<alt>+<up> - Show the previous page

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Search - this script adds numbers to Google SERPs and also ads a few very handy shortcuts:

n - Go to the next page
p - Go to the previous page
e - Select the query to edit it
a - To add something to the search query



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