Genuine Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Nowadays, different approaches we can see in monetizing a blog. While monetizing it, you should see whether the Blog service provider approves it or not. Or you may ask them any way to get it approved.

1. Write a post in your blog to get paid:

Some websites are providing opportunities for young talented writers to write about any common article through which readers are directed to their websites or product information. Depending upon the performance of your blogging, you will get more contracts and will help you to get more revenue.
SPONSORED REVIEWSand PAYPERPOST are two of such sites. Here an advertiser finds a blogger to write about their products and publish in blog. You will get handsome money also. Certain blog service providers not allow these services to run in their blog. So please read the terms and conditions of your blog provider before starting.
Use the "NoFollow" tag within the HTML code of your links so Google doesn't detect those links when it crawls and indexes the web
Another website that provides such a sponsored review is SocialSpark, that adheres to Google's restrictions and requires full disclosure as well as the use of the "NoFollow" tag by all publishers.

2. Merchandise your blog

You may join CafePress for selling custom items to sell through your blog

3. Include an Advertisement Audio Clip and earn money:

PPP or pay per play is a new advertising method in which the reader hears an audio advertisement for few seconds when they open your blog or website. This will give you a commission and this have an advantage of getting paid for each visitor to your blog or website. is one such website.

4. Include an affiliate program

Amazon Associates is another excellent way to monetize your blog or website by signup at Amazon Associates website. Amazon Associates provide a wide range of advertisements to display and it is very easy to track the performance of your displayed advertisements.

5. Open an Adsense account:

Open an adsense account and display ads to get revenue. It is as easy as biting your nail. Click here to reach ADSENSE home page. Register and wait for Adsense to approve your blog. After approval, collect HTML or Adunits from your accounts and display in your blog template. The more clicks on your displayed advertisements will give you more revenue.

6. Market your own product:

If you are marketing a product of your company, then you can start a blog about the peculiarities of your product with the features. Then drive more traffic to your site and I am sure this will increase your revenue in both ways. You can interact easily with your clients also.

7. Ask for Donations

You should add a PayPal donation button to your blogs asking readers to make a monetary donation to keep the blog alive, by asking "If you like this blog, why not buy me a doughnut?"

8. Offer to work as a consultant through your blog

People watch you as an expert in the topic you are handling. So it will be useful if you act as a consultant of the subject with negligible fees.

9. Offer to write in other blogs

You should consider writing in other blogs, because this will help to increase traffic to your blog. If you are confident to write more then you should consider receiving a payment for writing in other blogs.

10. Offer to write e-books

Write e-books and sell it through your blog

11. Offer to become a director of various web competitions

Try to open a contest with specific time frame and announce prizes to the participants from sponsors. People love to get prize while participating in contests. You can make a small entry fee for each competition or as a competition for a period of time.

12. Offer Tutorials through your blog

Offer tutorials of latest software in the market, or any other subject of your expertise and collect money from the clients. Be sure to provide excellent service so that the customer will not deviate from you

Posted By: R.v.KirubaKaran
Microsoft Certified Professional