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Now you can make your instructional materials even more valuable. Microsoft Semblio provides easy access to the power of Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) by tailoring the Microsoft development platform specifically to the education market. Get ready to create an immersive education content experience.


How Microsoft Semblio Works

Ready to create content that comes to life?

Using Microsoft Semblio, you can create rich, immersive multimedia learning material that’s highly interactive and fosters exploratory learning that teachers can customize, and that promotes collaboration. Because Semblio takes a platform approach to content creation—leveraging the flexibility of the Microsoft .NET Framework—it works across software, services, and learning management systems. This allows you to meet the demand for more customized solutions, while still providing you with control over how your material is adapted.

The Microsoft Semblio Software Development Kit (SDK) is built on Windows Presentation Foundation and provides a programming model and tools that facilitate the packaging and arrangement of .NET-based content such as:

  • Semblio content elements, from simple buttons to highly complex activities
  • Templates, wizards, and other supporting tools for use with the assembly tool
  • Complete interactive courses

But Semblio is not just a developer tool; it will also include an assembly tool, released with the next version of Microsoft Office. This will allow multiple content types to be combined into a single, rich, multimedia presentation, all in a single, familiar, and easy-to-use Microsoft Office-like application for educators. Also included is a player that students and educators can use to view and interact with presentations.

A screen shot of a sample lesson plan using Semblio.


Meet the growing demand for customizable content.

The demand for more customizable content is on the rise. Teachers are increasingly looking for more flexible, digital materials to not only reach their students, but also to engage them. Semblio puts you in control of delivering rich, dynamic content that your customers can tailor to meet their teaching and learning objectives, all from a single application that integrates easily with other educational systems.

  • Offer simple end-user editing tools within a familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft Office-like application.
  • Increase the value of your content by enabling educators to customize materials to their specific requirements.
  • Enjoy a seamless connection with educational services and software, such as learning management systems.
  • Engage today's students and foster exploratory learning with packaging and arrangement of dynamic, interactive, and rich instructional material.
  • Connect multiple types of content into a single application, so customers can find, package, organize,

What you need.

Getting started with Semblio is simple. You'll need to do a few things:

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