How To Watch TV From Your Computer For Free

If you have an internet connection and 3MB of free disk space, you can watch TV on your PC for free. Yeah, I know you can buy all those weird TV cards and even antennas for your PC, but that isn’t FREE, is it?

The way to go, is to download a free peer-to-peer streaming program. One of the best for that is SopCast. It is very popular and has many channels to watch, from sports broadcasts to movies.

1. Download the latest version of it and install.

2. Run the program. It will ask you to login with your account (which you can create for free) or login as anonymous user. I don’t see a big difference in which one you use.

3. Next you want to choose a channel to watch. There are hundreds, so you have a good choice. Just click the channel you want to watch and it will start streaming in your default video player. You can go full screen with hardly a quality problem on most channels.


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